Saturday, March 27, 2010

NVIDIA 'Fermi' (GF100) @ GeForce 400 Series (DirectX 11) - Part 2

The original post will be too long for what we have to add now, so we're starting a new post to continue off the previously published specifications (both GPU-Z and CPU-Z as well as official NVIDIA), now adding scores and screen captures.

What Everest says about the new NVIDIA GeForce 400 (480), powered by the GF100 (Fermi) chip. It's a larger image so you can click on it to view the original size.

Windows 6x Experience Index gives the GeForce 480 a 7.9 (the maximum) for Graphics. It gave the GeForce 285 a 7.4 - see here when we tested the Hexa/6-core (Gulftown) Intel Core i7 980X processor, which we used to test this GeForce 480 as well.

So what happens when NVIDIA releases a dual-GPU version of the GeForce 480? Say the, GeForce 495, like they did with the GeForce 295, using dual GeForce 280 GPUs? Or when NVIDIA's rival, AMD, releases their ATI Radeon HD6000 Series? Looks like Microsoft needs to expand the max limit!

How does NVIDIA's PhysX fare with the 480? As you can see, it averages around 338FPS over the GeForce 285's 227 average. While the processor is different, since we tested the 285 at an earlier time before we had the HexaCore i7 980X, PhysX doesn't rely on the processor but the graphic card, which was the whole point in the first place to do physics calculation on the GPU to free up the processor to focus on the other demands the game is requesting to handle.

Futuremark's 3DMark Vantage, with a Performance preset, gives 20K!

Coming up next - videos of the 480 in action! Including the new water Tessellation you saw in the first post, but now with video of it at work! It will blow your mind away to the level of realism graphics have come to! Also, there'll be a video of the new NVIDIA OptiX real-time 3D Ray-Tracing video we showed in the first post update, as well as a video of Unigene's Heaven benchmark, which shows Tessellation at work real-time as you switch it on and off dynamically!

Yes you can click on it to enjoy the double-size original image

As usual, before we go, here's something to drool by while you wait for the next (and 3rd) post!

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