Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Machine Speaks The Truth


No prizes for guessing where the quote from last panel originated from :)

If you're still in the dark to what we're talking about, then perhaps you missed this news that came out on the New York Times recently, and was mirrored by many sites elsewhere. Too complicated for you? Not to worry, BrickTech has got it all summarised for you. Just click the More Data? link below to find out.

In essence, The Pentagon plans to create a new military Internet command, to basically protect the computer network that runs stock exchanges, global banking transactions, and air traffic control systems. It will be under the military's Strategic Command, which controls nuclear operations. Of course this might ring alarm bells when you consider so what happens if the Command gets hijacked? Or worse, what happens if the Command turns into Skynet?

So while you're watching the movie Terminator 4 - Salvation, you can refer to this real-life news and wonder if this is another case of science-fiction will turn real one day. After all, in the 1960s when Star Trek came out the crew of the starship Enterprise used handheld communicators which then became the mobile phones of today :)

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's About Time...

So says the Terran Marine in Blizzard's StarCraft 2 Trailer.

Star Craft 2 Trailer

As the minifigs (LEGO® miniature figures) in the comic below illustrate, BrickTech was supposed to be up but never got around due to...technical reasons...true to its nature of being...BrickTech :) So what are we going to do about it? Read on to see our Vision.

We're going to kick off BrickTech via another way - helping users of technology. Specifically, computers. Narrowing it further, Microsoft. Why? Because we can.

Well, okay, that's a real lousy excuse. Because technology is a very vast topic and amongst all technologies (the human electronic kinds, not alien!), computers are the most problematic - though the irony is that they were designed to solve our problems!

Lastly, why Microsoft? Because it's the most widely-used software on the planet, ergo, the most amount of users encounter it, and when you put both together you get...the need to know more about Microsoft software.

Mind you we're not talking about just knowing new Microsoft software here - we're talking about how to solve the problems you encounter with Microsoft software, or how to use such software.

Now while many will have jokes about how Microsoft is the source of all problems - the fact is even Mac and Linux and others have problems - the issue is that they're not the majority used in the world and hence, you hear less about them.

True, to a certain extent Linux and Macs are better in certain and many ways, but like how there's different beers for different markets, there's no one-all solution for everything and for where it does matter, Microsoft does have its benefits.

Think about it - you're probably reading this on Windows. Yes you might be a Mac or Linux user, but Google Analytics will reveal that the majority of visitors to BrickTech use Windows :P

Google Analysis BrickTech Operating Systems

Anyway, BrickTech won't only be just about Microsoft, so take it easy - it's BrickTech, not BrickMicrosoft ;) If there's something worthy about Google or Linux or Mac or Mobiles or Intel or NVIDIA or AMD or ATI or Wireless or Bluetooth or...well, you get the idea.

We'll talk about it.

Windows 7

Windows 7 Release Candidate Logon Screen
This is the Windows 7 RC Logon Screen wallpaper (or what Microsoft now calls as Desktop Background). You can get it from here.

Let's start by what's hot in Cyberspace right now - Windows 7, or Windows 6.1 if you want to be technical about it. Win7 is the replacement for Windows Vista (or Windows 6.0 if you want to be specific again).

Both are meant to replace Windows XP (Windows 5.1, Windows 2000 was Windows 5), but it seemed that Vista did a poor job of it and Microsoft have obviously finally admitted that going by how Win7 does a much better job than Vista. In fact, Win7 is the "Vista that should have been".

In summation, Win7 has all the bells and whistle and eye candy of Vista - and then some more - but coupled with the speed of XP, which was what people wanted in the first place anyway!

Sun Virtual Box 2

So if you're using XP, never wanted to go Vista, and wondering if you should with 7, then you'll be glad to know with the help of Sun's VirtualBox 2, you can sample 7 without the hassle. For your information, Microsoft released Beta of 7 early in the year and they just recently released RC (Release Candidate) 7, with 7 slated for release before the end of the year, around October.

While Beta could only be used till about now, RC can be used till June 2010 - that's a whole year of free usage! Of course you'll have to activate the installed copy online to enable that, otherwise you can only use it for a month, but the Key required can easily be obtained from Microsoft's 7 download site.

Sun Virtual Box 2 Windows 7

So coming up next - how to sample Win7 RC on VirtualBox right on your current XP Desktop :)

Sun Virtual Box 2 Windows 7 Settings

And yes, we'll try to include Jack and the rest of the BrickWorld figs in comics to keep true to the name of BrickTech! We aim for weekly updates (if we didn't get carried away playing LEGO® and tech doesn't get in the way!) - and as usual - updates without warning in between!

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