Wednesday, August 26, 2009

PC and Windows 7 Cookies

At BrickTech, we're about LEGO® and tech, but sometimes we're willing to make an exception when something fun crops up, since LEGO is all about fun too! We're talking about Windows 7 and Microsoft's "I'm A PC" cookies - and this isn't about the term cookies used in Web Browsers!

Windows 7 cookie

These are Fried Cookies, so they taste like Fortune Cookies or a thicker version of Love Letters. Interested to find out who made them?

PC cookie

They were specially made by Taiwan's Kobayashi Cookie Factory at (Chinese only) . If you can find these cookies on their online shop, go ahead and order them to 'taste' Windows 7!

You can see another picture of this Windows 7 cookie on Bianca Wong Pi Chin's Flickr here.

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