Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Win7's OS-Tan gets her own mini-Anime

Like this Nanami Madobe wallpaper? You can get the original (1680 x 1050) here.

If you don't already know by now, Windows 7 (Windows 6.1 actually), Microsoft's latest desktop operating system (OS), was given an official mascot for the Japanese edition, to cater to the geek culture of OS-Tan, which is basically a personification of an OS. Pre-Win7 OS-Tans were unofficially created by fans, but for Win7, MS wanted to be part of the culture and hence created Nanami Madobe. We first blogged about her here.

Prefer this wallpaper of her instead? The original (1920 x 1200) is here.

Now she has her own anime, albeit a short one to promote using Win7 as a SFF (Small Form Factor) or HTPC (Home Theatre Personal Computer). Take a look @ her in action in this YouTube video:

4 opinions:

Anonymous said...

Only thing left is for Steve Balmer to approve her as an offical national Mascot for Win 7

Brick World said...

We don't think he will approve her as the worldwide official mascot :)

MS JP came up with her perhaps to cater to the JP otaku community ;p

A lot of people around the world don't know she's the official mascot from MS JP due to this :o

Perhaps MS doesn't want Win7 to be seen as an otaku OS but to cater to worldwide consumer/business? :D

KuVoid said...

WOOHOO! YESSS! you put up her vid ^_^

Anonymous said...

How can Nanami is related as just a Otaku thing..

Hell Vista mascot was a Man with a Shield.. So does it means WinVista is a Manly OS?

So lemee guess.. you can have a Bear or a clown or a chicken to promote a fast food chain, Or wierd ass animals to promote the Olympics. And many animals both real or imaginary to promote a sport team.

But a Cartoon Girl is a huge No no...So its like Once a Cartoon Girl is used.. Its automatically to entertain "Otakus" or perverts.. Its automatically sexist and demeaning to Women..

Yeah you can say that she created with heavy Moe factor currently..but outside Japan you dont have to give her personality.. Just simply a face for a box..