Friday, June 12, 2009

Windows 7 Anti-Virus

Windows 7 Anti-Virus

If you're using (or testing) Windows 7 RC, you should also have an Anti-Virus present, and just like with Win7 Beta earlier, where you had a choice of 3 AV, Win7 RC also comes with a choice of AV to use - even more now actually - 7. Coincidence? Not actually! Lately 2 more were added to be 9. You can see them here. So perhaps more might be added in the future. Read on to see the free duration of each offering.

The List:
Just like before with Win7 Beta, only ONE AV offers the longest free duration of usage on Win7 RC - Kaspersky. They continue to offer half a year (6 months) of free usage for their Win7 AV 8 Beta.

Windows 7 Kaspersky

No this post wasn't paid for by Kaspersky. You do the research yourself and see who offers the best deal for testing or using Win7 RC. As gamers will say, do we hear a "Mother Russia"?

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