Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Machine Speaks The Truth


No prizes for guessing where the quote from last panel originated from :)

If you're still in the dark to what we're talking about, then perhaps you missed this news that came out on the New York Times recently, and was mirrored by many sites elsewhere. Too complicated for you? Not to worry, BrickTech has got it all summarised for you. Just click the More Data? link below to find out.

In essence, The Pentagon plans to create a new military Internet command, to basically protect the computer network that runs stock exchanges, global banking transactions, and air traffic control systems. It will be under the military's Strategic Command, which controls nuclear operations. Of course this might ring alarm bells when you consider so what happens if the Command gets hijacked? Or worse, what happens if the Command turns into Skynet?

So while you're watching the movie Terminator 4 - Salvation, you can refer to this real-life news and wonder if this is another case of science-fiction will turn real one day. After all, in the 1960s when Star Trek came out the crew of the starship Enterprise used handheld communicators which then became the mobile phones of today :)

2 opinions:

kanasai said...

I wonder what happens when a Solar Tempest hits the Cyber Czar network.

Anonymous said...

mutates the network into...SKYNET! :D